Stories by author

Agosta, Carolyn Steele
– After the Wink

Alderman, Naomi
– Other People’s Gods

Anderson, Sherwood
The Door of the Trap
The Man in the Brown Coat
– The Other Woman
– War

Atwood, Margaret
– Happy Endings

Aymé, Marcel
– The Man Who Could Walk Through Walls

Barthelme, Donald
– The School

Borchert, Wolfgang
– Die Kegelbahn
– Then There’s Only One Thing To Do

Bradbury, Ray
– Dandelion Wine (1)
– The Last Night of the World

Cather, Willa
– A Wagner Matinee

Chatwin, Bruce
A Lament for Afghanistan

Cheever, John
– The Five Forty-Eight

Chekhov, Anton
– The Bird Market
– Love

Chesterton, G.K.
– On Running After One’s Hat

Chopin, Kate
The Kiss
The Locket
The Story of an Hour

Cross, John Keir
– Three Ghosts

Dahl, Roald
– Geschmack (in German)

Daudet, Alphonse
– First Impressions, from “Letters From My Windmill”
– The Siege of Berlin

Dick, Philip K.
– Beyond the Door

Du Maurier, Daphne
– The Doll

Egan, Jennifer
– Dealing With the Dead

Gad, Hoda
– The Blue Weapon

Govinden, Niven
– We Are Always at Your Service

Hadley, Tessa
The Surrogate

Hemingway, Ernest
– A Canary for One
Cat in the Rain
– Für eine einen Kanarienvogel (in German)
On the Quay at Smyrna
– A Very Short Story

Henry, O.
– The Green Door

Hubbard, Elbert
– A Message to Garcia

Jacobs, Joseph
– Childe Rowland

Jerome, Jerome K.
– On Being Shy
On Cats and Dogs

Jong, Erica
– Writing for Love
– Near the Black Forest

Joyce, James
– A Little Cloud
– Araby
– Clay

Kafka, Franz
– An Imperial Message

Kleinst, Heinrich von
– The Beggar Wife of Locarno
– Das Bettelweib von Locarno

Lagerlöf, Selma
The Sacred Flame

Lawrence, DH
– From “Lady Chatterley’s Lover”

Le Gallienne, Richard
– The Haunted Orchard

Lee, Vernon
– Reading Books

London, Jack
– Love of Life

Lovecraft, H.P.
– Polaris

Maddox, Bruno
– The Concorde, RIP

Mandelbaum. Judy
– He Said, She Said. A Love Story

Maupassant, Guy de:
The Necklace
On the River

McCluskey, Mary

Milne, A. A.
– My Library

Morris, William
The Story of the Unknown Church

Munro, H.H. (Saki)
– The Storyteller

Murakami, Haruki
– Lederhosen

Nabokov, Vladimir
– Symbols and Signs

Newland, Courttia
– Smile, Mannequin, Smile

O’Flaherty, Liam
– The Sniper

Orwell, George
Decline of the English Murder
The Moon Under Water
 Revenge is Sour

Parker, Dorothy
– The Little Hours

Saunders, George
– A Lack of Order in the Floating Objects Room

Stevenson, Robert Lewis
– The Yellow Paint

Strindberg, August
– Phoenix
– The White Mountain

Thoreau, Henry David
– The Artist of Kouroo

Thorpe, Adam
– The Names

Turgenev, Ivan S.
– Knock, Knock, Knock

Twain, Mark
– Berliner Eindrücke (in German)
– Das Kriegsgebet (in German)
– Die Schrecken der deutschen Sprache (in German)

Van Dyke, Henry
– The Blue Flower

Wells, H.G.
– The Door in the Wall

Wilde, Oscar
– The Sphinx Without a Secret

Wodehouse, P.G.
– My Battle With Drink
– The Alarming Spread of Poetry
– Photographers and Me

Yeats, William Butler
– The Heart of the Spring

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