One of These Days, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez


“Revenge is mine, saith the Lord”, but how many of us could resist the temptation, when the day of vengeance is upon our enemies? Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s short story – practically a literary haiku – exposits by withholding all the usual explanations. Who needs a backstory when the story itself tells us all we need to know…?

One of These Days, by Gabriel Garcia Marquez (7:06)

The Catskill Witch, by Charles M. Skinner

Indian Witch

New York-born Charles Montgomery Skinner (1852-1907) was an American journalist and author who compiled several collections of American folklore. According to Wiki, “He hoped to combine folklore conventions with New England transcendentalism to keep alive traditions endangered by the industrial age.”

The Catskill Witch, by Charles M. Skinner {3:28}