The Game of Billiards, by Alphonse Daudet

A. Daudet

If Alphonse Daudet enjoys a reputation as a cheerful, even sunny author, it is due to his popular collection Lettres de mon moulin, which I have drawn upon numerous times over the course of this podcast. But Daudet also had a darker side, reflecting the very dark times he lived in, namely the years 1870/71, when France was crushed by a superior German army in the Franco-Prussian War and its capital was reduced to starvation, rubble and eventually ashes during the German siege and the Commune, along with the latter’s brutal suppression by French government forces. This story, from Daudet’s collection Contes du lundi (Monday Stories), sums up┬áthe author’s bitterness over the French army’s and government’s behaviour during those traumatic events.

The Game of Billiards, by Alphonse Daudet {12:29}