Seeds, by Sherwood Anderson


“Old thoughts and
 beliefs–seeds planted by dead men–spring up in my soul and choke me.“ Sherwood Anderson’s deceptively simple tale from 1921 has a great deal to say about motivation and cognition, and experience shows that it takes more than a walk around the lake to shake off that feeling of being “a man covered by creeping crawling things”…

Seeds, by Sherwood Anderson {19:47}

The Tress of Hair, by Guy de Maupassant


This story, one of Maupassant’s most memorable, certainly stirred me up back when I first read it in my student days, and it also features in Michel Deville’s wonderful film “La Lectrice” (1988), which I watched again on DVD the other night. That’s as good a reason as any to record this disturbing tale of erotic obsession for a new generation of readers/listeners.

The Tress of Hair, by Guy de Maupassant {16:43}