The Pope’s Mule, by Alphonse Daudet


Tonight’s edition of the Berlin Short Fiction Podcast – the 100th in the series – presents Alphonse Daudet’s classic story “The Pope’s Mule” from Letters From My Windmill.

The Pope’s Mule, by Alphonse Daudet [22:33]

One thought on “The Pope’s Mule, by Alphonse Daudet

  1. What an absolute treasure this podcast i!. World-renowned writers, magnificent short stories and wonderful readings. My 96 year-old mother , who used to teach Spanish and Latin American literature at university, facilitates a group called “Sharing Short Stories”at the aged care facility where she lives, in Melbourne Australia. The short stories are shared in large print and are accompanied by an audio version, so that participants can fully benefit . an often lively and stimulating discussion then follows.

    Thank you so much for this rich, high quality resource that I stumbled on while looking for a recording- extremely hard to find- of The Pope’s Mule.

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