A Little Cloud, by James Joyce


Perhaps there is no feeling more disheartening than the realisation that, despite all your hopes and dreams, and all the potential others once saw in you, you really are just “Little Chandler” after all – a work horse, good citizen, devoted family father, and utter bore. They say the grass is always greener… and sometimes, I suspect, “they” know exactly what they’re talking about – as in this story from James Joyce’s Dubliners from 1914.

A Little Cloud, by James Joyce {31:22}

4 thoughts on “A Little Cloud, by James Joyce

  1. I’m sure you’re doing nothing wrong, but since the podcasts are playing perfectly well on my own devices, I’m wondering if it might have been a temporary glitch on the part of WordPress. Please let me know if the problem persists, and I would encourage any other listeners having the same problem to contact me. I hope this sorts itself out.

  2. Hi Berlin Short Fiction,

    I adore your stories & am grateful for your effort, but still cannot get a podcast to play beyond 2 minutes on an iPhone 6 or iPad.

    New Orleans

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