Writing for Love, by Erica Jong


Aside from being a first-rate novelist, Erica Jong has also written some first-rate essays. This one, on the process and point of writing fiction, is a particular favourite of mine. In her book Seducing the Demon: Writing for My Life, Jong had this to say about books, which, I think everyone who encounters this site already knows, are a serious business:

Beware of books. They are more than innocent assemblages of paper and ink and string and glue. If they are any good, they have the spirit of the author within. Authors are rogues and ruffians and easy lays. They are gluttons for sweets and savories. They devour life and always want more. They have sap, spirit, sex. Books are panderers. The Jews are not wrong to worship books. A real book has pheromones and sprouts grass through its cover.

Writing for Love, by Erica Jong [12:52]

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