Lederhosen, by Haruki Murakami


Buying holiday souvenirs for loved ones who have had to stay home, tending the hearth and watering the plants while you’re off raising hell on a beach somewhere, can be a tricky business. Sure, we all like receiving a coffee cup or ashtray from some exotic locale, even if we never give the thing a second look. If we were smart, we’d leave it at that, because it’s never a good idea to order souvenirs from someone else’s holiday journey: Not only will you probably be disappointed in the gift the other person brings home for you, you will also likely spoil that person’s trip, forcing him or her to run around looking to fill your order rather than enjoy his or her last hours on the beach or the terrace before returning home to reality. Don’t believe me? Then try out tonight’s story, which tells of the perils of German souvenirs. So the rule still stands: When in doubt, just buy them a T-shirt…

Lederhosen, by Haruki Murakami {16:50}

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