Happy Endings, by Margaret Atwood


I’ll admit that this isn’t exactly a happy story to begin spring with, but the season lasts for another three months, and just wait till summer!

Margaret Atwood is one of my favourite authors, and her thoughts on love aren’t always as dismal as you might think from tonight’s tale. For example, check out this passage from her novel Cat’s Eye, a story of art, friendship, abandonment and identity: 

Love blurs your vision; but after it recedes, you can see more clearly than ever. It’s like the tide going out, revealing whatever’s been thrown away and sunk: broken bottles, old gloves, rusting pop cans, nibbled fishbodies, bones. This is the kind of thing you see if you sit in the darkness with open eyes, not knowing the future.

Happy Endings, by Margaret Atwood [9:26]

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