My Library, by A. A. Milne


Digital media, such as ebooks and MP3s (including this podcast, come to think of it), certainly save space, paper, and vinyl, and that’s probably a good thing overall in this environmentally-conscious era. Even so, it’s hard to argue against the proposition that a room without books or a proper record connection simply lacks soul, however you choose to define that elusive concept. In my long-gone academic days, a visit to a colleague’s home always began with a beeline to his or her bookshelfs. Comparing each other’s book collections is a sort of intellectual equivalent to the way dogs sniff each other’s bottoms to size up new acquaintances. Books also give a “well read” feel to a space. Sorry, but the 10,000 physically invisible ebooks you keep on your smartphone or tablet can’t simulate the warm and deeply personal atmosphere of a book-lined room, which is one reason why some of us continue to insist on collecting books, the forests of this poor, overheating planet be damned. Well, I suppose there’ll be an app for all this some day, but until then I’ll continue to join A.A. Milne in lugging my books from domicile to overfilled domicile.

My Library, by A. A. Milne {8:48}

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