Love, by Anton Chekhov


Sometimes I think it would be nice to record a truly pleasant, happy-ending-style love story for the Berlin Short Fiction Podcast. And perhaps I will some day. Yes, such stories do occur in real life, as I very well know from personal experience. But what makes for a meaningful and fulfilled life tends to make for some pretty flat storytelling. As with travel narratives, which are only really interesting when they’re disastrous, nobody honestly wants to hear about your wonderful date, let alone about your wonderful marriage, and all the wonderful, charmingly harmonious things the two of you get up to. Anton Chekhov realised this fact of life intuitively, which is why some of the best unhappily-ever-after love stories come from his pen. Such as this tale, minimistically entitled “Love”, which is the subject of tonight’s podcast.

Love, by Anton Chekhov {15:23}

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